The ambiguity of the seasons

How are you fairing with the insecurities of our times? The media is full of news about the breakdown of financial markets, relationship dramas, break down of political frames (like the EU), and even tornados that turn up in unusual places!!

In times like this we often tend to forget that change and ambiguity always have been part of our existence, a simple example of this are the four seasons in nature. Some years ago I created a growth cycle that deal with this ambiguity based on the four seasons. It has been created to help us recognise where in the cycle we are at any point in time so that we can trust in the process and the unknown simply by recognising this natural authentic next stage. With this frame in mind, it becomes much easier to go with it. After all it is this very "normal" evolutionary process, which allows us to utilise our full personal power and talent.

The moment we recognise this truth, the possibility of utilising the ambiguous power of our full personal strength becomes available to us. I can’t wait to hear how you are able to use this cycle of growth for yourself in everyday life. I am looking forward to receiving your thoughts about it – send them here.