Is Your Faith in Humanity Restored?

Isn't it amazing that 2020 is nearly over? To me it seems like it has gone by much faster than usual, despite all the COVID 19 restrictions. It makes me wonder how on earth we got ourselves into this situation?

In today’s article I will be exploring:

  • What happened
  • What the impact that it has on all of us and our environment
  • What we might have learnt from it 
  • How life might be different now
  • If it has restored your faith in mankind and humanity; and 
  • Why this might be the case

So if you are interested in joining an exchange on this topic and getting inspired to rebuild your trust in what is then please do email me with your thoughts.


What happened?

We looked at this in detail in the last newsletter, so I won’t go into the story about it again. We clearly identified that it is an accumulation of evolution and ambition striving to efficiency that let us forget the big picture and how much we are all connected with nature, the universe and environment.

In our euphoria of creating something truly awesome, we obviously forgot to ask ourselves: How will all this development and creation impact the systems we are connected to: nature, the universe and the environment we live in? We seem to be infringing on the environment, getting too close to nature, using too many resources in unequal measures. In the case of COVID this was the new virus. I don’t see this changing in the future unless we start to change our thinking and approach.


Why should we bother changing our thinking though?

Why should we go through all the trouble and hard work to rethink?  Rethink what anyway?

In the past, economies and societies were mainly focussed on the primary gain.  Shareholder value, profits, fulfilling one’s desires, making the world a richer place. I am convinced we ultimately do this with the intention of pursuing happiness and abundance.

What we might not have given much thought in the past is the cost of this happening. Also, this kind of approach usually leads to a more short term gain. Sustainability on a long term basis is therefore out of the picture unless it happens as a side product.

A recent visit to a shop is a good example of why it is worth changing the way of thinking. A little greengrocer down the road has managed to survive this difficult year. I always go there because I like to support small local businesses and also buy organic products. The lady at the counter looked a bit sad, which is something I see regularly in people’s faces as well in this current climate. Many worry about the health of their loved ones or even struggle to live their lives.

So I engaged in a conversation with her, as you do….  I asked her if she is cold and mentioned, how good I thought it was that they are open. The lady said, “that’s nice of you but this doesn’t really affect me. My manager will be happy. I merely get paid by the hour.” To which I responded: “Hmm, thank goodness that the shop is open and making money to pay your hourly rate. I guess otherwise, you might not have that either nor a job.” She looked at me with big eyes for a moment and then said:  I suppose so, hadn’t thought of it like that….


What did we learn?

No matter from which perspective we look at it, as a company, as a consumer, as an employee or as the owner, we are all interconnected with each other. It is what we call the ripple effect.

If we keep thinking within our little box without considering the impact of our actions and thinking about the wider system that we are part of, then the destruction continues regardless.

Thinking in system terms, is something we are not so used to, so it’ll take us a little practice. It also is a challenge in terms of profits, as they are not always immediately visible, tangible or even returnable. Profits might also not show up as figures and in monetary terms. They might show up in terms of value, contribution, societal advancement and wellbeing.

There is a simple question we can ask ourselves – in our professional and personal lives:

What impact do my daily actions and thinking have on the people and living beings around me?   

If all we do every night is reflect on this question and start incorporating other people in our considerations, then that is enough to move a mountain.


How’s that going to make a difference?

Just imagine for a moment what place the world would be, if everyone supported each other and looked after each other’s wel-being, instead of focussing solely on gaining individual wealth and power.

What picture do you see?  This has nothing to do with being woolly and lovey dovey. Compassion, empathy, sustainable thinking, supporting each other, collaborating and creating together are some of the most cruicial human traits for the survival of our planet, economy and humanity.


Are you wondering how this year has restored my faith in human mankind?

By noticing what is going on outside over the years and then reflecting on my own behaviour and actions, has led me to change some of my own approach. Admittedly, it has been a long old process but it works.

What I started to see all around me and also in my coaching world, is that people start to care and move in the same direction.  There are an awful lot of amazing, compassionate, kind and incredibly talented heros out there that at the same time as living their genius, are also displaying these cruicial traits.

That’s what has restored my belief in mankind. The genuineness, volunerability and generosity I see all around me.  This makes living joyful, happy and fulfilled.  Exactly what life should be: The pursuit of happiness is on the way!

Here’s to an inspiring and exciting exploration!