Have you made up your mind?

In some cultures having a strong opinion or making a judgment is seen/perceived as a sign of confidence or power!!  Some might argue that judging helps form opinions. Society teaches us to judge all the time through the media, fashion, politics and religion.  From an early age we learn-know what is right and what is wrong and find our place in life accordingly, right?

How often, though, have you noticed that exactly this way of thinking is holding you back in your life, career and in relationships?

Let me give you a few examples:

In life: You enjoy travelling but simply never get to go to let’s say Egypt because someone hold you the people there are not very friendly and they threaten you.

In your career: You want to move up to your next role but the boss has listened to the judgment of someone they trust who said that you are not a team player.So he says you are not capable for the next role.

In a relationship: You are meeting a new colleague, who apparently (so you have heard) lives in a rough part of town and mixes with some unconventional people. Therefore, you automatically react to him with precaution and don’t offer the same level of trust you would otherwise, when meeting someone new.

We have lost opportunities in each of these instances such as:  a new more exciting role, a friend who might have given me a new perspective or a holiday of a life time.  That’s all well and good, I guess the question that we are asking ourselves is:  “How do we get out of judging?”

Below is a process that I designed and my clients frequently use successfully to practise non-judgment. You might decide it is one that works for you also – enjoy.  Remember that practise makes perfect! A shared journey is much more fun and getting some high quality feedback, when we practise is equally important to help us work out our personal best way of dealing with it. Please feel free to contact me for any questions you might have regarding the process below.