1 deciding question for you:
There is one deciding question we would ask you, if you are looking to work with an appropriate partner on a topic for your business/ your personal development:

How ready are you?
In the following checklist you will find a small exerpt of questions, which many successful businesses and individuals ask themselves. Try it yourself once - if you can answer these questions to see for yourself how you are getting on with answering the following questions. You can request more food for thought here.



  1. How far does your leadership team support this competitiveness?
  2. What succession planning do you have in place for your leadership team?
  3. How do you keep innovation alive?
  4. Which support do you offer to your team members and leaders on commencement of a new role or new responsibility?
  5. What are the consequences of conflicts on decision and tasks within y our organisation? How can you become more efficient there?

Personal Development

  1. What are your strengths?
  2. What occupies your mind for a long time and somehow you just don’t get around to doing it?
  3. You observe something that doesn’t meet your expectations and is unhelpful in achieving your aims – in which way do you provide feedback about this to the concerned?
  4. Do you sometimes have the feeling you are not heard or understood?
  5. What impact does your influence have on your goals and your surroundings?