Imagine... are sitting on a train – the train of your life – each compartment represents a different aspect of your life. Sometimes you are a passenger, sometime a part-time driver wondering if you will ever be able to take full control of the destiny and direction of that train?!

Well – you can...
Your train of life does not have to run on predetermined tracks! That’s right – it is up to you to decide which route you take! We partner people, who want to move up in life, for example by becoming self employed and building their own small business.

We take transformation to an entirely new level and turn it inside out through pure consciousness into pure potential reality beyond your wildest dreams and have a lot of fun along the way, finding resolutions to achieve the transition required to achieve your goal. So take the first step towards realising your destiny and commit yourself to an investment in achieving the life you really want. This may involve any of the following options:


To get the best sustainable results from coaching we recommend investing in a series of sessions depending on the intended goal. Your particular needs can be established during a consultation session. We have a number of coaching journeys on offer, which are tailored to your specific needs. These are:

  • Energiser
    3 appointments over 4 weeks establishing a bigger, specific coaching goal
  • Balance
    6 appointments over 8 weeks working on beliefs and values
  • Vision & Mission
    2 x 90 Minutes focussing on purpose alignment
  • Upwards & Onwards
    12 appointments over 6 months supporting any transition period such as weight loss, business start up, new role etc.



Career Management

Clients who are interested in receiving coaching around career management either to pursue a new career goal, a promotion or a reintegration into a new or old role following a grievance or burn out.

Usually the coaching goals in these instances are around interview confidence, self esteem and image, relationship management, influencing and self management. The coaching goal is always established and confirmed in the very first coaching session.


From time to time Consulting 4 Resolution Ltd organises residential workshops on a variety of topics depending on the current needs. An example would be a 3 or 4 day sustainability workshop in Austria or the UK, to provide space for reconciliation of learning, realisation, revelation, consideration, focus and planning. During this time the combination of workshop, 1:1 coaching, Reiki, experience of the beautiful surroundings of the location can act as a lever for massive shifts – some alumni delegates from one of the past workshops felt it was a “Landmark” time.