Developing People International specialises in working with organisations who are leaders in their field and has extensive expertise of delivering highly impactful leadership and management development interventions to large international organisations such as IBM, Lenzing AG, KAO Brands in both the UK and Europe.

Mark Evenden, Managing Director Developing People International says:

Margit has worked for Developing People International as a Partner Associate for over 4 years. She is an experienced coach and trainer, and is a highly valuable member of our team delivering a major programme of development at our key clients Lenzing AG. Margit has supported us to deliver a wide range of development services to the client such as 360o feedback coaching, designing and delivering development programmes as well as project managing and setting up the client’s talent management programme.

Margit is a generous, caring and professional individual. She instils confidence in people through her coaching and training which in turn motivates them and their colleagues to maximise their abilities and perform at their best. Her wealth of international experience and ability to speak two languages is what we look for in our Partner Associates and why we continue to work with Margit.


Nicole Bachmann from Haywood Mann says:

I have been collaborating with Margit for over 5 years now and at all times I have admired her knack for adapting her coaching approach to the different personalities of her and our joint clients. This allows them to take her feedback and turn it into transformational learning for themselves.

In the various Leadership Development Programmes we have run together, Margit's 121 coaching support and challenge of the delegates has been an invaluable contribution to the success of the programme and the sustainability of the results we have achieved for our clients. It has allowed the delegates to reassess the learning of the group sessions and turn it into personal commitments to change and contribution to their teams and their company.


Sabine Laussegger-Wegerer von Systconsult says:

What defines the Collaboration with Margit? What connects us? It is the professionalism, respect and courage to embark on new journeys, coupled with the passion to contribute and continue to work together on the development of people.