Just like every business needs its strategy in respect of the products or services it offers to stay competitive, it is recognised that leaders of international organisations could use a "road map" of how they can stay aligned and a step ahead of the competition. We like to work with businesses to support them in this aim, keeping in mind that Human Capital is known to be the greatest asset for every company.

Generally, we work within the two categories below:


Experience tells us that sustainability is best achieved if the learning and support spans over a longer period to enable reconciliation of the theory with day to day experiences. Currently, we run the following programmes with slight variations depending on the requirements of the relevant organisation.

  1. Leadership Programmes
    Following a Training Needs Analysis with the programme sponsors and each delegate, a programme with 4 Modules (residential, each running between 3 and 4 days -  4 x 1 hr Coaching and a project in pairs), is designed for the duration of the programme. Usually, this type of programme spans over a period of 6 – 8 months. Regular meetings with Project Sponsors, Mentors and a Steering Group secure the governance of this programme between the organisation and the programme leaders.
  2. Upwards & Onwards – the first 99 days
    Newly occupied roles following a business process realignment, change or transition programme are very often quite taunting for leaders of any calibre. Particularly, as the impact of the influence and behaviour displayed by the new leader during the first year of a new assignment or role, is the one that sticks with the majority of stakeholders for the duration of the working relationship.

    This programme consists of 2 x 60 minutes 1:1 coaching sessions per month either face to face, telephone or via video conferencing. It generally runs over 3, 6 or 12 months (depending on the role and individual). We use a personality profiling tool called Facet 5 to kick off the first session and as a basis for the duration of the programme. Sometimes, when working with management teams this profiling tool is expanded to create a team profile.
  3. Stakeholder Management Programmes
    This programme is designed with teams in mind that want to expand their relationship management capabilities as part of their leadership skill set. In addition it also works extremely well with project management teams that work across different cultures.
    We run it in 6 modules (2 days each) over a period of 8 months and it includes 1 hour coaching support between modules.
  4. Bespoke Workshops and Programmes
    We work with organisations to establish their specific development and coaching requirements and design bespoke programmes that entail Workshops and /or modules specifically catering for these needs.

    Examples are: basics of project management, conflict management, problem solving, giving and receiving feedback, influencing, coaching foundation etc.


Leadership Consultant

This service is generally used one on one, organised by the organisation with the aim to support a group of individuals through a transition period. We currently run the following consultation services:

  1. 360 Degree Feedback Coaching
    Initially a 2 hour 1:1, face to face, feedback coaching session based on a 360 degree review. The preceding review can be designed as a formal process or an informal review depending on the relevant organisations needs. Some leaders might benefit from a couple of additional sessions to design a feedback development plan.
  2. Management Coaching
    This is a particularly popular service for 1st line and 2nd line managers. It runs over the period of 3-6 months with 2 x 1 hrs coaching sessions per month - generally with a specific performance goal to improve team performance and leadership.
  3. Project Coaching Support
    New leaders or teams are sometimes unfamiliar with project management processes. The size of the team or the target may not warrant its own project management expert on the team and learning the basic project management skills on the job whilst delivering a small project may be the favourable approach. It is a particularly helpful service for busy sponsors, who don’t have the time themselves to coach their team members but want the capability in the team for the future.
    We offer ongoing 1:1 support to those teams. A project coaching goal is defined with the sponsor including the frequency of the on-site visits, telephone coaching as well as project office support. The duration of this service is entirely dependent on the sponsor’s requirements.
  4. Strategy Coaching for SMEs
    When smaller businesses grow organically they sometimes overlook the reassessment and redefinition of their strategy for the next growth period. Mostly, owners are aware of the need for such development but somehow procrastination sets in, to the detriment of the day to day running of the business. As a result, the business then takes on its own dynamic without a specific direction.

    We offer facilitation of such strategy sessions to small businesses providing structure, holding you accountable to secure the development of the new strategy. Depending on the size of the company and the complexity of the business this may take 2 days initially. In addition we recommend monthly telephone coaching sessions to keep the momentum of the implementation going. The way forward is then cemented by a final half day follow-up and closing session 6 months following the initial workshop.