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Summer sunshine, a gentle breeze, music and some great company....

How are your summer plans coming together? Will you enjoy a staycation or travel abroad on holiday with your loved ones? 

Given the recent gorgeous temperatures it feels to me like every day is a holiday, don't you agree? It just feels so great to put on some sandals and let your skin get some air and breathe beneath some light clothing. It seems like my garden is loving it too - all the plants have just exploded to show their full glory. 


Whilst enjoying the lovely temperatures and preparing for this issue it occurred to me how we have been connected through these regular newsletters since 2007! That is a staggering 12 years!! Isn't that truely amazing? It makes me feel very privileged to have this wonderful connection with you.

It got me thinking that perhaps it would be useful, one day, to master up the courage and collect all of the articles in a book. What do you think; is this a good idea?  

Books certainly have helped me to gain different perspectives, stimulated my thinking and equipped me with lots of interesting possibilities to implement. They also inspired me to have the courage to live the life I lead and so have given me a wider perspective to work with. 

I guess there is also a little selfish part of me that hopes it might also give me a chance to go on holiday with you ... in the form of a book, with the hope it may inspire you in the same way as it did for me (what a cheeky thought). 

Anyway, talking of holiday, whereever you will spend your summer it offers a fabulous opportunity to fill up on those beautiful memories of joy, laughter, connection, a sense of belonging and community - in one word: happiness..  

With this in mind, enjoy reading of this issue, have a fabulous time and I'd be over the moon to hear all about your summer stories either in person or a message. Have an amazing summer! 

With my best wishes 


The Joys of That Lonely Feeling       

The topic of loneliness has come up recently quite frequently around me. With it the question: how do loneliness and that lonely feeling differ?


Some examples that spring to mind are:

  • Famous people; just like Elton John in his earlier life (very visible in his recent film) feeling like this despite all the success and his entourage.
  • Retired population for not really feel valued as a contributing member of society
  • Leaders of all ranks in all sorts of positions (Steve Jobs, Theresa May, CEOs of multinational companies) as they move up through the ranks, the world is gets quite fast-paced and competitive. That sense of being alone to “carry the torch” without being able to trust and really find an open space to be, reflect and share views.
  • Marriage or any long term relationships, when we assume (as we human do) we have to protect members of the family or the relationship by not sharing information, when holding back has a big impact: something going on at work, with oneself (health or worry) or with a friend, something that has affected them which might open up vulnerability.
  • Parents and children when we are challenged with relating to each other in everyday life (see Philippa Perry “The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read”)
  • Anyone in any life situation when we experience a loss, feel misunderstood, different or isolated. This is often triggered through cultural differences and might create a lack of trust, fear and anxiety (more in Bréne Browns book “Braving the Wilderness. The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone)

These are just some examples and the reason why I wanted to pick this up in this newsletter this time around is because it seems such a paradox to have people feel like this in this world, where we are now so incredibly well connected. 

If you are interested in learning more then please read here.


Releasing new Opportunities

Staying with the theme of our main article it might be useful to have some tools to equip us to deal with the loneliness continuum. In other words, a process that helps us to move from a state of loneliness to a feeling of being lonely, to feeling that sense of freedom and purpose, which helps us to be the best we can be.  

Watch this video: if you are interested in finding out how being courageous strengthens your relationships at home and at work.


Tankstelle - Recharging Your Batteries

Mindfulness and the power of meditation are still undisputed as an essential part of healthy habits and so we will keep the recommended links because we know they work really well. 

What works well for you to recharge? How do you deal with things that drain you? ... and what do you notice in respect of finding space to revel in feeling lonely to recharge?  

Brainwave is a wonderful mobile app which is perfect for a quick recharge throughout the day. In addition here is a guided meditation for those quiet half hours.


Quote of the Season


You are only free when you realise you belong no place - you belong every place - no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great." 

— Maya Angelou 


This quote of Maya can also be found in "Braving the Wilderness"and I really liked it because it is quite controversial. On one hand we are saying we don't belong, and on the other we are saying that we - the human race - have an innate desire to belong. 

I would like to send you into the summer break with a couple of questions around this quote: How free are you?  What impact does your being free have on the people around you?

Have fun creating many beautiful memories this summer.

With gratitude and all the very best wishes.


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