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Summer is here! 


What an amazing start to the summer are you having in this incredible weather? How have you been enjoying it?



Everyone I speak to , comments on how nature looks so very beautiful right now. Enjoying the outdoors in summer temperatures with friends and family feels like being hugged by mother nature, don't you think? The sun makes people happy and puts a smile on their faces. ‚Äč

It is a time for reconnecting, reflection, recharging and simply being. Half of the year has gone and so it might  be an appropriate  time to reassess where you are heading. Perhaps it is also a good opportunity during the coming nurturing months to notice and become aware of some things you might like to change. This is a process that happens in most organisations during the summer months and more and more people adopt this for their private life.

Sometimes the changes that emerge are exactly the ones that transform lives. The article below offers a little help, in form of simple three steps that might be useful for this transformation. 

Here at Consulting 4 Resolution Ltd we are doing exactly that, following a busy period of creativity with a new programme, which I will introduce below.  It has been such joy seeing it all come together just in time for the summer break. I can't wait to hear what you think of it  and perhaps discuss options for how it can work in your organisation or for you personally. 

Soon now, I too will slow down, celebrate the summer and enjoy precious time with my family in Austria, with my daughter, her partner and some lovely friends in the UK. 

It'll be interesting to see what emerges for all of us from this wonderful period. Have a fabulous summer holiday season until we reconnect again. 




The results we have now in our life and career are the consequence of our habits.


Most of us want to reach our full potential. Which means at some stage there are some things that you will want to change from what you are doing now. These things are highly likely to be habitual things. Things you have practised so well that you might not even notice them anymore.

Here are 3 simple steps you might find useful to help you achieve this transformation:

  1. Self-awareness: identify what you do and think automatically, when you want to avoid the pain of what you don’t want to do. You are becoming aware of your behaviours and the connected thinking.
  2. Understanding the impact of this behaviour and deciding what we might want to change and for what purpose.
  3. Create a new way of thinking and practise the behaviour that goes with it as often as you can in your day to day life. Align it as appropriate along the way.

Each of these steps are explored further below. Read more here to explore what happens next.



 ... and yet you still feel like you are treading water and not completing any of them? Do you find yourself awake at night wondering how to get your projects or initiatives implemented?   

Have you been dreading going to work in t he mornings wondering how many more uncomfortable conflicts and conversations you need to have today? 


When have you found yourself in a situation where you felt like that? If you want to find out more about how to work with this process then read on ...



There are several ways to recharge after an intense period of life or work. What works well for you to recharge? How do you deal with things that drain you? ... and what do you notice in respect of your agility (flexibility)?

Brainwave is a wonderful mobile app which is perfect for a quick recharge throughout the day. 

Over the years the app called luminosity has become a fixed routine of my brain training. Even my daughter has not stopped using it since I introduced her to it a few years ago.  


Quote of the Season


      What got you here, won't get you there. " 

— Marsall Goldsmith



It is always such a pleasure to receive your responses to my newsletter. I have been receiving more and more of them, which has become such a highlight for me. It is wonderful to hear about your progress, discoveries and successes and I celebrate them with you. Thanks for your continued trust and connection - it makes my day.

Here is to many more and to a memorable, very happy summer.

Best wishes


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