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It's Summer time....  




Where on earth have the last six months gone? Can you believe that we are already half way through another year?

How have you and yours been during these strange times? What have you been up to?    

I am finding out that for many of us the effects of the pandemic are continuing to show up in various ways. Some of them are showing up in people feeling exhausted from adjusting to new ways of working from home. Productivity has increased for most companies. Pressure and workload is at an all time high for employees, with many struggling to find a work/life balance and a diary full of back to back video calls and meetings.

This means a lot of us had to revisit agreements made in the past to navigate the ebb and flow of life with partners and colleagues. Resilience and communication have become the hottest skills and a necessity working life in 2021 and potentially beyond.

I am curious to hear how you navigated these challenges. Feel free to send me an email, WhatsApp or message with your experiences. It'll also be very interesting to hear what you think is going to happen next. 

In the meantime I have picked up two topics from the challenges people tell me about for this Summer's newsletter. The intention is to remind you of some of the tools that, amidst all the recent busyness, might have descended into the deep recesses of your mind.

The sun has got its hat on and the temperatures are inviting us to spend more time outdoors. So, enjoy the summer, wherever it takes you, and I look forwad to reading the   stories of your journeys through these turbulent yet exciting times. 

Stay well - with love


The Chameleon Method (by Margit Jones-Hochstrasser - all rights reserved)



The strength of the Chameleon is that it can adapt itself to its environment by changing its looks. If only it would be that easy for us human beings, don't you think?

These times require us to be able to show some of this ultra-flexibility to change our looks, behaviours and thoughts so that we can stay well.

My observations over recent months is that a sense of overwhelm and imbalance are affecting quite a few people. Often I see this resulting in choices made on a day to day basis that might be responsible for the exhaustion and confusion felt by many. Choices that affect our health in a negative way. There seems to be an awareness about this happening but somehow we are waiting for something on the outside to change or other priorities often get in the way of doing something about it.

  • How are these choices affecting YOU, your health and your effectiveness?
  • Or are you able to adapt easily to this current environment?

This topic might bring up a few thoughts for you. It certainly did for me. In the process of doing so, have explored the elements that might bring about this overwhelm and the barriers to us adapting. I named the result of this process The Chameleon Method.

If I have made you curuious and you are interested in finding out more then please continue to read here.


Releasing new Opportunities

Staying with the theme of our main article it might be useful to have some tools to inspire to pull out all the stops, help you camouflage to become hugely effective and utilise all the colours of our make-up, whilst remaining authentic.

As mentioned in the article above the second two steps of The Chameleon Method are looking at providing some tools to find a way out of the wilderness of the jungle we find ourselves in.

So, one of the elements was how to incorporate resilience on an every day basis into your life and get comfortable with becoming vulnerable. For this purpose I have produced a simple graphic for your pin wall to remind you what increases your resilience and what decreases it. Perhaps it gives you a little reminder and an incentive to regularly practice healthy selfishness. Resilience, like Rome wasn't built on a day and like trust, needs to be renewed every day.

Brenë Brown still is the undisputed Queen of vulnerability in my eyes, so for easy access here she is: Watch this video.


Tankstelle - Recharging Your Batteries

Mindfulness and the power of meditation are still undisputed as an essential part of healthy habits and so we will keep the recommended links because we know they work really well, particularly for people new to meditation. 

What works well for you to recharge? How do you deal with things that drain you? ... and what do you notice in respect of finding space to revel in solitude to recharge?  

Brainwave is a wonderful mobile app which is perfect for a quick recharge throughout the day and for people who find the concept of meditation hard. For those of you who are familiar with it, you find a guided meditation here for those quiet half hours.


Quote of the Season

Carefully watch your thoughts for they become your words, for they will become your actions.

Consider and judge your actions, for they have become your habits.

Acknowledge and watch your habits, for they shall become your values.

Understand and embrace your values for they become your destiny," 

—Mahatma Gandhi 


Choosing who we show up as in the world and what ripple effect we are creating through our thoughts, words and actions and our presence on the people around us, is not something that many of us consciously are doing on a regular basis. The summer is a fantastic opportunity to work on these aspects and practise them in the safe fold of our family and friends.

Go on - be brave and have buckets of fun with it whilst enjoying their company. How amazing is it to practise our learnings again in person face to face this summer?  Just remember: We got this far because we have each other <3. 

If there is one thing I learnt in the last couple of years then it is this: Every day is a gift, no matter how it turns out, as long as we live it fully present. My gratitude and appreciation goes out for the beauty of life, the incredibly wonderful people around me and nature.

Have an amazing summer - look after yourself,

with my very best wishes.

Margit  x 

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