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Merry Christmas! 


Our favorite season has come around again! With all the trimmings we can think of: Christmas songs, the Santa rally on motorbikes driving through Bristol, mince pies, beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere and apparently, a record breaking volumes of home deliveries for Christmas shopping!

We even experienced snow when we visited a Victorian Christmas at the SS Great Britain (well worth a visit). Well it wasn’t quite the real stuff yet, but I am sure that will arrive at some point too. ;-)

Aside from the spectacle this is also a great time to reflect a little and it is part of our holiday routine. Here is how we do this:  

Just remembering how far we have come in 2019, what we want to take with us into 2020, what we are really proud of having achieved in 2019 and also bringing into our awareness what we want to leave here in 2019.

Since Christmas is a great opportunity to cut out and keep some gorgeous images from cards, magazines, instagram or other sources, I take the opportunity to use these for the second part of my little annual routine: building or reviewing the vision map for the next period to come. The images are a great way of reminding me in a fun way of where I am heading. I have a special frame in my office where I keep the new or updated vision. This way it is in front of me every day.   

Whether you adapt this way of closing down the year or whether you choose to do this by writing a Christmas letter to friends and family far afield, either are wonderful ceremonies to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new.

Have fun enjoying your own authentic celebrations. Since Christmas is a time of family, trust and happiness, I chose a topic for this newsletter which fits in perfectly with this season. It has also been quite a discussed and controversial topic at some workshops this year.

Happy reading and Merry Christmas!



A Buzz Word or Simply a Way to Be?     

In recent workshops (on leadership, managing stress, group coaching) being authentic and what it means has attracted quite some attention.

Who, I wonder, has experienced a person in their life that they were totally in awe of when they first met them? In awe not in a fearful, overwhelming way, but in a way that left you wanting to spend more time with that person. Giving you a sense of trust and comfort with huge respect for the person. People like that radiate an energy that is contagious and attract quiet attention and impact. Have you got one?  Keep that person in mind whilst reading this article. 

Before diving into some of the stories that emerged from the workshop discussions, I’d like to look at my observations about what is considered by the currently so popular term of AUTHENTICITY. In other words looking behind the scenes of this big word, to see what elements we need to bring authenticity to life.




Looking at the world of authenticity on the mind map above, it becomes apparent that there is no single attribute responsible for this magic term. Rather, it is the combination of many elements that we develop over time.

Read more here ...


Authenticity creates Trust. But Where Do we Start? 

How important are honesty and sincerity, when someone is attempting to build trust? What fears get in the way? Does a lack of trust encourage people to be dishonest and insincere to cover up their insecurity?

Those are some of the questions that come to mind when we talk about being authentic and creating trust. It makes me wonder how a rift, created through a lack of awareness about the impact of a certain behaviour that we automatically run results in massive distrust, can be repaired.

Occasionally, people recognise that something needs to change in order to re-establish the balance of trust. Yet - the expectation is usually for something external  to change. It is what we know as the flight/fight/freeze reaction. Our automated defence mechanism, our personal Ministry of Defence, if you like. Not looking at it means the world is as is – all is good. Want to hear more? Read on here...


Tankstelle - Recharging Your Batteries

There are several ways to recharge after an intense period of life or work. There is an awful lot of talk these days in the media about mindfulness and the power of meditation. When we started to introduce these tools years ago in our workshops people were still very suspicious about them. Meanwhile, both have been recognised almost as a skill that helps everyone to lead a more balanced life. 

What works well for you to recharge? How do you deal with things that drain you? ... and what do you notice in respect of your agility (flexibility)?  

Brainwave is a wonderful mobile app which is perfect for a quick recharge throughout the day. In addition here is a guided meditation for those quiet half hours.


Quote of the Season

      When I began to love myself, I was able to recognise emotional pain and suffering as a way of warning, so that I don't live against my own truth. 

Today, I know: This is what it means to be authentic." 

— Charlie Chaplin—  


Upwards and onwards as they say – 2020 is just around the corner! I remember thinking wow, what will the world be like in 2020 when we watched the millennium fireworks! Now we are almost here…

May it bring plenty of health, happiness to you in every possible way. With this sentiment in mind, I would like to express my gratitude to all of my family, with a super special mention to four of you – you will know who you are. My world would be meaningless without you.

THANK YOU & a blessed holiday season <3

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